Aleph One 1.0

The Aleph One 1.0 release contains numerous improvements to interface polish, OpenGL improvements, Lua enhancements, bug fixes, and support for playback of original Marathon 2 and Marathon Infinity films.

It is accompanied by community-upgraded versions of all three of the original games, available as all-in-one apps (Mac OS X) and all-in-one zipped folders (Windows) for easy installation.

Aleph One 1.0 is network compatible with the previous stable release, with the exception of new Lua features and fixes, but all users are strongly encouraged to update to 1.0 for the best security and stability.

Important Note

Preferences and data file locations have been updated. Some of your data files and preferences will be migrated automatically. You may need to migrate others manually. See FileLocations on the wiki for the new locations.


New Data Files

Marathon (A1)

Marathon 2: Durandal

Marathon Infinity



Bug Fixes

Deprecations and Removals